I am Derya Atlas. I live in London and I work a lot during the day, paying rent like everybody else. So I recover at night, resuming my interests and ambitions.

Brew some decaf coffee.


Pick up a book.

(Don’t stay up until 3 am finishing it because you will be a zombie during Zoom meetings)

This newsletter reflects what sustain me during a week, what I find interesting, be it literature & publishing, arts, culture or history. But mostly books written by womxn. You’ll understand that it might not be in line with what’s trending now. I myself resist the temptation and pressure of being caught up with anything and everything, so I hope this newsletter will make a small contribution to our slowing down.

Enjoy, and help me spread the word by sharing it on your social media or simply forwarding this to a friend. Let me know what sustains you, too. If you want to contribute, say hi at tipped@substack.com

I have also set up my bookshop Tipped Books on Bookshop.org, where you can browse and buy the books I curate while supporting independent, local bookstores in the UK and US. By design, Bookshop.org ‘gives away over 75% of their profit margin to stores, publications, authors and others who make up the thriving, inspirational culture around books’. (Disclosure: I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase as I am an affiliate).

Tipped Books is all about all about highlighting literary fiction, auto fiction, and creative nonfiction mostly from women writers, contemporary and modern alike. Ali Smith, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, Avni Doshi, Max Porter, Tove Ditlevsen are some of the writers you can find here. 

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NB: I also wrote a thread on how I started my newsletter here:


Derya Atlas
30-yr old immigrant in London. Writer. Also captures stories of women in Turkey @onlyherstory.